Relocation to Cape Coral / SW Florida

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Relocating is a huge task. We know. The  majority of us Floridians were not born and raised here, we relocated from somewhere else. Most of us from somewhere cold, searching out warmth and sunshine and desperate to leave the snow behind.   One of the greatest things about Florida is that you will find people from all over the United States and the world. Every state and every country. All with one thing in common. We’ve all taken on the huge task of RELOCATING!


Once you’ve made the decision to make the Big Move your most important endeavor is to find the right Realtor to help you find your new home. Now, any Realtor can find you a house. But you are making a complete life change. For many, the basics such as what community offers the best schools, or what community offers a multitude of activities for Retirees can be a daunting task.

LaGace and Whitt Partners are Relocation Experts. We will guide you through every step of relocating. We will be by your side through choosing the right area to fit your lifestyle, to finding the landscaper who isn’t going to take your money and never show up to mow your grass.

Our Clients are our Clients for life. We want you to be happy with every aspect of your relocation. We pride ourselves in the relationships we develop with our Clients. You will never feel lost or unsure. Our phone numbers will be on your speed dial and we’ll be at the receiving end answering all of your questions and solving all of you relocation hassles.

Call us today, so we can help you get started moving in the right direction!

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